Way for Activating Call Waiting on Jio Sim

Call Waiting is a great feature which informs you that one more person is trying to contact you if you are already busy in a call. This will let you to either go on calling or keep the first individual on hold & reply to incoming calls.

Nowadays this feature is found on nearly all of the Phones still that is not the situation for Jio clients. This feature comes with the SIM for Jio clients & is not linked to their cell phone. This is a very strange as for all the other suppliers this depends on the cell phone which the client uses but for Jio clients it depends on the SIM & whether they have make active this feature or not.

You will notice this feature on nearly all of the Android gadgets these days & you can disable or enable this feature as you wish to still it even depends on the network supplier.

It is an extremely useful feature as it provides a possibility to the individuals who call you when you are already in a call instead of being sent to the voicemail or being informed that you are engaged & by selecting the Switch Button you can also switch in between the calls. This would allow you to move back to the waiting call whereas the other one will be kept on hold.

Way for Activating Call Waiting on Jio Sim

As per Jio, the call waiting arrives pre-activated onto the Jio SIM Cards. Hence, if you purchased a latest SIM so this feature will be pre-activated on it still if you have mistakenly deactivated it or accidentally then you may once more activate this feature by dialing *411# from the Jio cellular phone number.

After you do so, the feature of Call Waiting will be restarted on the Jio SIM & you will know how to again use it.

If you are yet not capable using the feature Call Waiting even after make active this feature then it might be that the feature call forwarding might be stopped on your cell phone & you will need activating it from the Settings. Simply visit Call settings for the SIM & from there switch on the Call Forwarding.

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