Optimizing Your Internet Speed

Various factors might affect the speed of the net connection. All devices which are linked to your network use some of the internet bandwidth & all activities which are carried on your net connection may influence your net speed, hence, you require optimizing the net connection so that you may use net at optimum speed.

There are various things which you may do to boost the net connection & once you do all such things, you will see a rise in the internet connection performance. Below are the things which you may do for optimizing your net connection:

Rebooting the Modem/Router

Restarting the modem/router every now & then, after more than a few hours as this will let the router clearing all the hoard & then restarting again the cycle.

Keeping the router away from obstructions

You must keep the router away from any metallic things & even away from other electronic/wireless devices as these may interfere with the indicators of the router & cause hindrances.

Be close to Wi-Fi router

You must shift your devices near to the Wi-Fi router as the faraway the devices are from the router; the pathetic will be the signal & so the speed will be sluggish.

Optimum Router Location

Best location of Wi-Fi Router is even an essential factor & you must put the Wi-FI router at a raised position & in a centrally place inside your house for improving the Wi-Fi coverage.

Using a Wi-Fi Extender

For improving the coverage of the Wi-Fi router, you must use a Wi-Fi extender which will enhance the coverage & increases the signal strength.

Check for damaged or unplugged cable

Verify & ensure that there are no unplugged & damaged cables which may be instigating any problem or issue or into the net connection.

Using an Online connection

For the top possible speed consider utilizing an Ethernet wire to use the internet directly rather than with a Wi-Fi Router. Direct connection to the Modem with an Ethernet wire results in much quicker speeds.

Avoiding use of many devices simultaneously

If the bandwidth is quite low then you must not use numerous devices simultaneously. All the linked devices uses some of the net speed so, keep away using many devices simultaneously and even avoiding doing these activities which uses lots of Internet speed all at once, for instance downloading large files, video streaming, video calling, or online gaming.

Upgrading the router

If you have an old-fashioned router so you must consider advancing the router. At times an out-of-date router may be the reason of why you are having a sluggish net connection.

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