Method of Upgrading JioFi Firmware

JioFi is a private hotspot gadget by Reliance Jio which may offer internet around 31 gadgets with great net speed. After you purchase the latest JioFi gadget then maximum of the times it is on the past forms of the firmware. This may produce bad network & sluggish internet speed & hereafter a bad client experience.

But, the firm’s response to this issue upgrading to the newest JioFi firmware. After upgrading to the newest form of the JioFi then the majority of the bugs are set & the performance & speed have been vastly improved in comparison to last versions. It even eliminates internal system blunders in JioFi gadget(s).

Hence, it is great for the performance & health of your gadget which you upgraded it to the recent JioFi firmware. But, the JioFi won’t be automatically updated & you will need to yourself update it.

Where to search for JioFi newest firmware?

You may get the newest JioFi firmware version from the settings of the Local JioFi HTML site. After you visit & login into the account over jiofi.local.html, you will be capable of finding the details associated with the JioFi firmware.

Upgrading JioFi Firmware

For updating the JioFi firmware to the newest version, stick to this below guide. Prior you continue, ensure that the JioFi gadget is completely charged & you know the JioFi account login IDs obtainable with you & you have downloaded the newest JioFi Firmware version.

  • Switch on the JioFi device.
  • Join it to a Computer or a cell phone device.
  • Next, go to the JioFi admin panel by visiting the https://jiofi.local.html
  • After the webpage opens, login inside the Admin panel with the login IDs. If you have ignored the login IDs then you will need to factory reset the JioFi gadget & then use the default IDs to login.
  • After logged in, hit on the option firmware.
  • You will find an option configuration backup here. Ensure that you back up the configurations & JioFi settings by hitting on this option.
  • Next, visit Settings > Firmware Upgrading.
  • Hit on Browse & choose the file downloaded of the newest version of the firmware.
  • Hit on Apply to begin the upgradation process & installation. This may take a while.
  • The newest version of firmware now will be installed & as soon as the installation is done, your JioFi gadget will automatically reboot.

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