Method for Setting up Jio APN Settings

Are you facing difficulty to access the net via your Jio SIM? You might be assured high-speed net still you aren’t getting it due to incorrect internet settings.  Once your cell phone internet settings are fixed the incorrect method or there is a small fault in the values then you are incapable of accessing the high-speed net which you are paying for.

You require appropriate APN Settings to get access to the net & if you are not capable of accessing the net or getting sluggish net speed on the cell device then there should be something incorrect with the APN Settings because of that you are not capable of accessing the net. Maximum of the time the APN Settings are automatically provided by the supplier still if you aren’t providing the APN Settings or the Settings aren’t accurate then you may call the client support & they will offer you with the right APN Settings depend on the data plan & the kind of connectivity.

Method to Setup Jio APN Settings

For setting up the APN Network settings for the Jio SIM, adhere to below steps. Ensure that you abide by all steps cautiously & don’t ignore any step:

  • Launch the Settings on the cell phone & head over to the Cellular phone Network segment.
  • After that, choose the network as LTE or LTE/GSM/WCDMA
  • Next, hit on APN (Accessing Point Name) & select Jio 4G.
  • Then, change the Jio 4G APN & set the below boxes as:
    • Username: Not set
    • Password: Not set
    • APN:  jionet
    • Proxy:  Not set
    • Port: Not set
    • Server: or Not set to boost browsing speed.
    • MMSC: Not set
    • Authentication category: Not set
    • MMS Proxy:  Not set
    • APN protocol: IPv4/IPV6 or IPv6to improve the speed
  • Ensure that you don’t chaos with MCC, MNC settings since that depend on the region where you dwell in.

Those are completely the Jio APN settings that you have to link to high-speed net. Such settings play a key role in your gadget connecting to the net & such above-mentioned settings are only for Jio SIMs. All carrier/networks has its own individual settings & these are signified for only the Jio network. Jio is the just supplier which has LTE/VoLTE (voice on LTE) that is accessible in all parts of the nation & with appropriate APN Settings, you may enjoy high-speed net from all parts of the nation.

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