Method for Factory Resetting JioFi Settings

The main issue that utmost of the JioFi clients confront is that they forget the login IDs, i.e. login usernames &/or Password of their JioFi gadget & therefore they are not capable of login into the JioFI HTML Local page.

If this is the case with you so you have to again reset the JioFi device so as to get entry again to Admin Panel of JioFi.

Factory Reset is when you reset the whole thing as well as new usernames & passwords into factory defaults. This eliminates all the amendments made to the router & the router is reset again to factory defaults.

To Reset the JioFi router is a very simple job & after you do this, you will resume entry to the Admin Panel & even if you have done any faulty modifications to the settings later they all will be returned back into the defaults.

Way to Factory Resetting JioFi Settings

JioFi Settings Factory Resetting is a very job & can be executed in a minute or so. To Factory Reset the JioFi Router, abide by these steps. Ensure that you abide by all steps meticulously!

  • In your hand take the JioFi gadget & remove the back case from the JioFI router.
  • Next, find the secret RESET key at the rear of the router. You will find that near to the RESET tag it has a tiny tunnel with a key at the end.
  • Next, take a tiny, sharp item for instance a toothpick or needle & hit the key for around 15-30 secs without letting it go.
  • Hold for 30 seconds or so, leave the key go & you will find that all the lights will begin to flash & the router will itself restart.
  • After it reboots, all will be reset to factory settings.
  • So, you may set up the JioFi once more from the JioFi HTML Local page.

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