For every JioFi Dongle out there, they may enter the Settings of their Dongle gadget via jiodongle.local.html. A localhost address jiodongle.local.html is which may be used for accessing the Settings of the Dongle device. Through this webpage each settings of the Dongle device & the Wi-Fi network may be configured.

Way to enter the Settings of JioFi Dongle via jiodongle.local.html

To login into the Settings of the JioFi Dongle via jiodongle.local.html, abide by below steps:

  • Switch on the JioFi Dongle & wait for it to switch on. Next, connecting your gadget to JioFi Dongle.
  • Access the web browser & into the address box category, “jiodongle.local.html“ then hit Enter. Otherwise, you may even write for accessing the JioFi Dongle Settings.
  • You will get redirected to the login webpage of the settings of JioFi Dongle. You may login here to enter the JioFi Dongle settings.
  • To login, you may use the default login IDs. The default usernames/user IDs is ‘administrator’ & the default passwords is even ‘administrator’. With these IDs, you will be capable of login.
  • After logged in, you will be capable of make all the mandatory amendments to the JioFi Dongle settings.

Dongle Wi-Fi network SSID

You may SSID the passkey of the Dongle Wi-Fi network by obeying this guide.

  • Login into the settings of the JioFi Dongle gadget by obeying the above-mentioned way.
  • After logged in, visit the Network segment by hitting on Network with the left corner of the webpage.
  • Visit Wi-Fi Settings then Security Mode
  • Next, search for the SSID segment. So you will find current SSID of the Wi-Fi network.
  • You may fix the latest SSID here & remove the last one.
  • After you have fixed the latest SSID, hit on Apply to save the alterations.
  • A popup emerges asking to restarting the JioFi Dongle. Hit on OK. Once the rebooting, the SSID will be altered.

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