Increasing Your Wi-Fi Network

A weak Wi-Fi connection may become extremely frustrating as you are unable to use the net although the whole lot is fine still not the Wi-Fi network. Everybody to resolve this problem & here are few things which might aid you in increasing the Wi-Fi network:

Router Location

The most importantly thing which you must do is put the router at a spot where it is capable of transmitting signals to a larger area. Not each spot is best for router positioning. The ideal router location is that you must place your router in a centrally spot in your house & raised from the ground. In this place, the router will offer utmost coverage.

In addition, keep away from putting the router nearby things that may disturb the Wi-Fi signals for example metallic things or other wireless/electronic appliances. Additional materials for example wood, concrete, plastic, etc. may even disturb the signals still their impact on Wi-Fi signals is less than metallic things & electronic gadgets.

Keep the router away from obstructions

You must keep the router away from any metallic things & even away from other electronic/wireless devices as these may hinder with the signals of the router & cause issues.

Shift nearer to Wi-Fi router

You must shift your devices near to the Wi-Fi router as the faraway the devices are from the router; the poor will be the signal & therefore the speed will be sluggish.

Ideal Router Positioning

Optimum location of Wi-Fi Router is even an essential factor & you must put the Wi-Fi router at a raised position & in a centrally position in your house to boost the Wi-Fi coverage.

Using the Wi-Fi Extender

To boost the Wi-Fi router coverage, you must use a Wi-Fi extender which will boost the coverage & improve the signal strength.

Checking for unplugged or damaged wire

Checking & ensuring that there are no unplugged or damaged wires which may be initiating any problem or issue in the internet connection.

Using an Online connection

For the top probable speed consider with an Ethernet wire to directly using the internet rather than with a Wi-Fi Router. Directly connecting to the Modem with an Ethernet wire results in very fast speeds.

Avoiding using many devices simultaneously

If the bandwidth is comparatively low then you must not use numerous devices simultaneously. All the linked devices use few of the net speed so, keep away from using many devices simultaneously & even avoiding doing these activities that using lots of Internet speed at the same time, for example video calling, video streaming, online gaming,  or downloading big files.

Upgrading the router

If you have an out-of-date router then you must consider renewing the router. At times an old-fashioned router may be the reason of why you are having a sluggish internet connection.

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