How to Verify your Jio Number?

If you try to renew your Jio Number for the foremost time however you might not identify your Jio Number. This occurs with many of us. There are essentially numerous ways by which you discover the Jio Number. We will consider all of the methods hence; you may choose the technique which you find the most appropriate.

Prior you desire finding out your Jio Number, ensure that your Jio SIM is started & working. It might be that you are requesting how I find my Jio Number & your sim isn’t started. Firstly, ensure that the SIM is started & then you may try any of such ways under to discover your Jio Number.

Method to find My Jio Number

1. With the My Jio App

You may discover your Jio Number with the My Jio App by obeying below steps:

  • From Google App Store or Play Store Download the My Jio App.
  • After installing, visit the My Jio App.
  • Login into the My Jio Account.
  • After you have logged in, you will find your listed number on the home screen of the app.

2. By Sending an SMS

Jio doesn’t have any exact code to discover your Jio Number still you may discover the number through sending an SMS; write MYPLAN & refer it to 199. You will receive an SMS through your Jio Number & even your plan details.

3. Call Customer Care

This is a fast & simple method to discover your Jio number is to call the Jio Client Care & request them for your number. Just call on 198 & request them to disclose you your number. They will verify by enquiring a few queries. After you disclose all the accurate details, they will disclose you the Jio number.

4. through a SMS to 199

This is alternative way by which you may discover your Jio Number. Sending an SMS to 199 as “Jio <IMEI>”. This is even an extremely fast & simple way by which you could promptly discover the particulars for your number. You may get an SMS after sending an SMS to 199 that shows you the Jio Number.

These are few of the ways by which you will discover the Jio Number. Bear in mind that the Jio cellular phone number is not similar as the Jio Sim Number. You may discover the Jio SIM Number by contacting the Jio Client Care.

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