How to Port in Present Number into Jio?

Porting the Number or Shifting the Number will take the present contact number from one supplier & take it to additional supplier of the choice. To tell this in straightforward terms, you are shifting your present phone number from one supplier to the other supplier of your preference.

Reliance Jio devises the maximum value to provide to its users & for this purpose, more & more customers from various suppliers wish to shift to a Jio connection of Reliance hence, they may get the top available offers.

Therefore, if you are a user who wishes to shift to the Jio network of Reliance without dropping your present number now you may perform so by porting-in the present number into Reliance Jio Network.

Porting in Present Number into Jio

  • For porting the present number into Jio network of Reliance, obey below steps:
  • From the present cell number, write SMS, PORT <ten-digit cell number> & sending it to 1900.
  • You will get an assenting SMS having the (Unique Porting Code) UPC accompanied by its expiration date.
  • Go to the nearby Jio Store of Reliance or Jio Retailer of Reliance. Ensure that you get the code UPC & the Aadhaar card original copy or Proof of Identity original (POI)/Proof of Address POA credentials with you.
  • After the porting-in route is done, you will know how to employ the Reliance Jio services whereas retaining your present cell number.

You must consider that

  • If you hold any unresolved charges over any post-paid plan by the present service supplier then you must clear those unresolved dues prior porting the number into Jio.
  • According to the rules of the GOI, porting-in inside the similar telecom circle can take around three operating days for the number to be make active & porting-in to more telecom circle will take around five working days for the number to be make active, however, the present services won’t be intermittent in the overruling period.
  • Every Port in appeals from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East users will take around fifteen working days to be managed & in the intervening time, the present services will not be disrupted in the superseding period.

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