Changing JioFi Wi-Fi Password

The password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network by default is a random mixture of symbols, words, & digits united. But, that password is not uncomplicated to memorize & you have to hold that password saved somewhere so as to join to the network on latest devices.

In addition, if you have revealed your password to anybody then there is a possibility that others might also get to understand about it. As a result, you need to consider substituting the password of the JioFi Wi-Fi network.

Altering the JioFi Wi-Fi password is an uncomplicated task & later you have changed successfully your passkey, your network will be still safer & no one will know how to link to your network without understanding your passkey.

You should keep a Wi-Fi password between 8-32 characters & it should have digits, alphabets, & specific characters. While setting up a recent password, always keep a password which contains of digits, alphabets, & specific characters since such password cannot be easily guessed & your Wi-Fi network stays protected & secure.

How to Alter JioFi Wi-Fi password?

  1. To alter the password of the JioFi Wi-Fi network, abide the steps below:
  2. The foremost thing which you must perform is switch on the JioFi Wi-Fi device.
  3. Attach to your JioFi Wi-Fi Network thru your device.
  4. Access the web browser & into the URL box, write https://jiofi.local.html otherwise
  5. A login webpage will emerge. Entering the login name & password. The default name in JioFi routers remains “administrator” & the default password is again “administrator”.
  6. After you’re logged into, stay in Network then Wi-Fi Configuration then Secure key.
  7. Then, fix the recent password for the JioFi router & hit on Apply.
  8. The passkey for the JioFi password will be modified & all formerly linked devices will be separated from the JioFi Wi-Fi network. Now simply link to the Wi-Fi network once more with the recent password.

Also it is suggested to alter your password each 3-4 months & keep a track if your emails or passwords have been bargained in any info leakages with tools like Have I Been Pawned else Mozilla Firefox Monitor tool.

Don’t put the same password on all sites you register it is recommended that you use password managers to keep a record of all the websites & password appropriately.

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