Change Network Name of JioFi (SSID)

The default name for maximum of the Wi-Fi networks is nearly the same for a particular company & individuals wish to alter the name of their network into the name of their own likings & choice.

For maximum of the networks & tools as well as those from JioFi, altering the Network Name (SSID) is truly easy-going & may do it in only a few seconds.

The reason why you must alter the SSID of the JioFi device is that after you alter the SSID, all the formerly linked devices won’t be capable of joining the network & this will stop anybody from joining your SSID automatically. Therefore, for security purpose you must alter the SSID of the JioFi Network.

How to alter Name of JioFi Network (SSID)

  • To alter the (SSID) name of the JioFi Network, abide by the steps below:
  • Switch on the JioFi Wi-Fi tool.
  • Link to the JioFi Network thru your computer.
  • Access a web browser & visit the default gateway address https://jiofi.local.html. On the other hand, you may even use to login into the Admin Panel of the JioFi tool. (JioFi Routers Default gateway address)
  • A login window will emerge requesting you to input the login name & password.
  • For JioFi routers the default username is “administrator” & the default password is even “administrator”. (Case-sensitive)
  • Now you will be logged in into the Admin Section in the JioFi Router.
  • Next, visit Network then Wi-Fi Configuration.
  • Changing the name of the Wi-Fi Networks by writing a recent name in the field given.
  • Hit on Save.
  • The (SSID) name of your network will now have been altered. Every single devices that were fixed to the last SSID will be disjointed as the recent SSID means a latest network, hence you will have reconnecting into the network from all the formerly linked devices.

As the SSID is noticeable to public you might wish to use any funny or cool Wi-Fi name to display, here’s some of my preferred:

  • The Internet
  • Drop it like it is a Hotspot
  • No LAN for the Corrupted
  • Wi-Fight While We Can Make Love
  • Last Night I Did Your Wi-Fi
  • Leave my LAN
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • Surveillance Van
  • Winternet is coming
  • Lord of the Ping
  • The Force
  • Trust your God yet Protect Your Wi-Fi
  • That is What She SSID
  • Fear in the Cisco
  • Passkey is Password
  • Vladimir Routin
  • LAN Wu Tang

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