For every JioFi Dongle out there, they may enter the Settings of their Dongle gadget via jiodongle.local.html. A localhost address jiodongle.local.html is which may be used for accessing the Settings of the Dongle device. Through this webpage each settings of the Dongle device & the Wi-Fi network may be configured.

Way to enter the Settings of JioFi Dongle via jiodongle.local.html

To login into the Settings of the JioFi Dongle via jiodongle.local.html, abide by below steps:

  • Switch on the JioFi Dongle & wait for it to switch on. Next, connecting your gadget to JioFi Dongle.
  • Access the web browser & into the address box category, “jiodongle.local.html“ then hit Enter. Otherwise, you may even write for accessing the JioFi Dongle Settings.
  • You will get redirected to the login webpage of the settings of JioFi Dongle. You may login here to enter the JioFi Dongle settings.
  • To login, you may use the default login IDs. The default usernames/user IDs is ‘administrator’ & the default passwords is even ‘administrator’. With these IDs, you will be capable of login.
  • After logged in, you will be capable of make all the mandatory amendments to the JioFi Dongle settings.

Dongle Wi-Fi network SSID

You may SSID the passkey of the Dongle Wi-Fi network by obeying this guide.

  • Login into the settings of the JioFi Dongle gadget by obeying the above-mentioned way.
  • After logged in, visit the Network segment by hitting on Network with the left corner of the webpage.
  • Visit Wi-Fi Settings then Security Mode
  • Next, search for the SSID segment. So you will find current SSID of the Wi-Fi network.
  • You may fix the latest SSID here & remove the last one.
  • After you have fixed the latest SSID, hit on Apply to save the alterations.
  • A popup emerges asking to restarting the JioFi Dongle. Hit on OK. Once the rebooting, the SSID will be altered.

Download MyJio App

You may now handle all of the Jio services & Accounts with the MyJio app. It has many diverse features accessible for Jio users. With the MyJio app you may look into the credit into the account, info balance, recharging the number from separate available plans & handle various Jio services.

MyJio App includes features:

  • Checking Account Balance
  • Checking Info Balance
  • Checking usage details for Messages, Data, & Calls
  • Produce itemised statements
  • Handle numerous accounts
  • Handle the JioFiber gadgets
  • Handle the JioFiber Wi-Fi connection
  • Handle the Worldwide Roaming settings
  • Link & pay through JioMoney
  • Setting up auto-pay for trouble free payments
  • Use JioCinema, JioSaavn, JioCloud, JioEngage, Find Jio apps
  • Troubleshooting & get answers to your issues
  • FAQs & more.

MyJio App is obtainable for downloading on both iOS & Android. You may obtain it from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

For Android Downloading MyJio App

The most straight forward way for installing the app into the android cell through Google Play Store, but if you are searching for a substitute method then you might download the .APK file of the app through a reliable third party source.

  • Download the .APK file through a reliable source.
  • Go to the installer & after a dialog box opens hit “Settings”.
  • Switch on the “Allow installing from this source” key & go back to the installation.
  • Waiting for the installation process to finish & hit “Open”.
  • Now the app will be set for your usage.

Note: Download .APK files with third-party sources may be unsafe as they are not confirmed by Google therefore always hold some risk so ensure that you are totally sure prior advancing. Always have an antivirus switched on after execution of such instances.

For iOS Downloading MyJio App

MyJio app is obtainable for iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch that need least possible iOS 10.0 or later so how to install it.

  • Visit Apple App Store & searching to “MyJio”
  • Hit on the Get key & enter passkey or input Touch ID for Installation.
  • Wait for the download process to get completed.
  • After completion you will know how to using the app via home screen.

Jio Customer Care

If you face any trouble about the Reliance Jio Services, so you will be extremely happy to know that the reps are available to help 24X7. You may call the Jio Client Care Service with the below methods:


You may contact the Jio Client Care Service on various issues/services on the below numbers given:

For recharge plans, data balance, validity, recharge confirmation and offers: 1991

For Queries: 199

For Complaints: 198

From other networks: 1800-889-9999

For Activation of HD Voice & Data Services: 1977

For Activation of Data Services only: 1800-890-1977

Device Care Helpline for JioPhone, LYF Mobile & JioFi (9 am – 9pm) : 1800-890-9999

Helpline for Jio Enterprise Mobility Services: 1800-889-9333

Helpline for Enterprise Connectivity Services & Business Solutions: 1800-889-9444

Helpline for New Business Connection: 1800-889-9555

Helpline for JioFiber Customers: 1800-896-9999

Helpline for Online Shopping: 1800-893-3399


You can email the Jio Customer Care Service regarding different services/issues on the email addresses given below:

For joining the Jio Digital World: [email protected]

Queries related to Online Shopping: [email protected]

Existing Enterprise Mobility customers: [email protected]

Existing Enterprise Connectivity & Business Solution customers: [email protected]

For a new business connection: [email protected]

For queries related to JioFiber: [email protected]

For any security vulnerability: [email protected]

Service Center Reliance Jio

If the issues cannot be work out with a call or email, then you may go to the Service Center of Jio. You may discover the closest Service Center of Jio from the link:

Reliance Jio Stores

You may find the closest Reliance Jio Stores from the below link. Simply write the Location/Area /Pin code & the site will tell you on all the Jio Store in that region.

Method for Factory Resetting JioFi Settings

The main issue that utmost of the JioFi clients confront is that they forget the login IDs, i.e. login usernames &/or Password of their JioFi gadget & therefore they are not capable of login into the JioFI HTML Local page.

If this is the case with you so you have to again reset the JioFi device so as to get entry again to Admin Panel of JioFi.

Factory Reset is when you reset the whole thing as well as new usernames & passwords into factory defaults. This eliminates all the amendments made to the router & the router is reset again to factory defaults.

To Reset the JioFi router is a very simple job & after you do this, you will resume entry to the Admin Panel & even if you have done any faulty modifications to the settings later they all will be returned back into the defaults.

Way to Factory Resetting JioFi Settings

JioFi Settings Factory Resetting is a very job & can be executed in a minute or so. To Factory Reset the JioFi Router, abide by these steps. Ensure that you abide by all steps meticulously!

  • In your hand take the JioFi gadget & remove the back case from the JioFI router.
  • Next, find the secret RESET key at the rear of the router. You will find that near to the RESET tag it has a tiny tunnel with a key at the end.
  • Next, take a tiny, sharp item for instance a toothpick or needle & hit the key for around 15-30 secs without letting it go.
  • Hold for 30 seconds or so, leave the key go & you will find that all the lights will begin to flash & the router will itself restart.
  • After it reboots, all will be reset to factory settings.
  • So, you may set up the JioFi once more from the JioFi HTML Local page.

Method for Setting up Jio APN Settings

Are you facing difficulty to access the net via your Jio SIM? You might be assured high-speed net still you aren’t getting it due to incorrect internet settings.  Once your cell phone internet settings are fixed the incorrect method or there is a small fault in the values then you are incapable of accessing the high-speed net which you are paying for.

You require appropriate APN Settings to get access to the net & if you are not capable of accessing the net or getting sluggish net speed on the cell device then there should be something incorrect with the APN Settings because of that you are not capable of accessing the net. Maximum of the time the APN Settings are automatically provided by the supplier still if you aren’t providing the APN Settings or the Settings aren’t accurate then you may call the client support & they will offer you with the right APN Settings depend on the data plan & the kind of connectivity.

Method to Setup Jio APN Settings

For setting up the APN Network settings for the Jio SIM, adhere to below steps. Ensure that you abide by all steps cautiously & don’t ignore any step:

  • Launch the Settings on the cell phone & head over to the Cellular phone Network segment.
  • After that, choose the network as LTE or LTE/GSM/WCDMA
  • Next, hit on APN (Accessing Point Name) & select Jio 4G.
  • Then, change the Jio 4G APN & set the below boxes as:
    • Username: Not set
    • Password: Not set
    • APN:  jionet
    • Proxy:  Not set
    • Port: Not set
    • Server: or Not set to boost browsing speed.
    • MMSC: Not set
    • Authentication category: Not set
    • MMS Proxy:  Not set
    • APN protocol: IPv4/IPV6 or IPv6to improve the speed
  • Ensure that you don’t chaos with MCC, MNC settings since that depend on the region where you dwell in.

Those are completely the Jio APN settings that you have to link to high-speed net. Such settings play a key role in your gadget connecting to the net & such above-mentioned settings are only for Jio SIMs. All carrier/networks has its own individual settings & these are signified for only the Jio network. Jio is the just supplier which has LTE/VoLTE (voice on LTE) that is accessible in all parts of the nation & with appropriate APN Settings, you may enjoy high-speed net from all parts of the nation.