Optimizing Your Internet Speed

Various factors might affect the speed of the net connection. All devices which are linked to your network use some of the internet bandwidth & all activities which are carried on your net connection may influence your net speed, hence, you require optimizing the net connection so that you may use net at optimum speed.

There are various things which you may do to boost the net connection & once you do all such things, you will see a rise in the internet connection performance. Below are the things which you may do for optimizing your net connection:

Rebooting the Modem/Router

Restarting the modem/router every now & then, after more than a few hours as this will let the router clearing all the hoard & then restarting again the cycle.

Keeping the router away from obstructions

You must keep the router away from any metallic things & even away from other electronic/wireless devices as these may interfere with the indicators of the router & cause hindrances.

Be close to Wi-Fi router

You must shift your devices near to the Wi-Fi router as the faraway the devices are from the router; the pathetic will be the signal & so the speed will be sluggish.

Optimum Router Location

Best location of Wi-Fi Router is even an essential factor & you must put the Wi-FI router at a raised position & in a centrally place inside your house for improving the Wi-Fi coverage.

Using a Wi-Fi Extender

For improving the coverage of the Wi-Fi router, you must use a Wi-Fi extender which will enhance the coverage & increases the signal strength.

Check for damaged or unplugged cable

Verify & ensure that there are no unplugged & damaged cables which may be instigating any problem or issue or into the net connection.

Using an Online connection

For the top possible speed consider utilizing an Ethernet wire to use the internet directly rather than with a Wi-Fi Router. Direct connection to the Modem with an Ethernet wire results in much quicker speeds.

Avoiding use of many devices simultaneously

If the bandwidth is quite low then you must not use numerous devices simultaneously. All the linked devices uses some of the net speed so, keep away using many devices simultaneously and even avoiding doing these activities which uses lots of Internet speed all at once, for instance downloading large files, video streaming, video calling, or online gaming.

Upgrading the router

If you have an old-fashioned router so you must consider advancing the router. At times an out-of-date router may be the reason of why you are having a sluggish net connection.

Increasing Your Wi-Fi Network

A weak Wi-Fi connection may become extremely frustrating as you are unable to use the net although the whole lot is fine still not the Wi-Fi network. Everybody to resolve this problem & here are few things which might aid you in increasing the Wi-Fi network:

Router Location

The most importantly thing which you must do is put the router at a spot where it is capable of transmitting signals to a larger area. Not each spot is best for router positioning. The ideal router location is that you must place your router in a centrally spot in your house & raised from the ground. In this place, the router will offer utmost coverage.

In addition, keep away from putting the router nearby things that may disturb the Wi-Fi signals for example metallic things or other wireless/electronic appliances. Additional materials for example wood, concrete, plastic, etc. may even disturb the signals still their impact on Wi-Fi signals is less than metallic things & electronic gadgets.

Keep the router away from obstructions

You must keep the router away from any metallic things & even away from other electronic/wireless devices as these may hinder with the signals of the router & cause issues.

Shift nearer to Wi-Fi router

You must shift your devices near to the Wi-Fi router as the faraway the devices are from the router; the poor will be the signal & therefore the speed will be sluggish.

Ideal Router Positioning

Optimum location of Wi-Fi Router is even an essential factor & you must put the Wi-Fi router at a raised position & in a centrally position in your house to boost the Wi-Fi coverage.

Using the Wi-Fi Extender

To boost the Wi-Fi router coverage, you must use a Wi-Fi extender which will boost the coverage & improve the signal strength.

Checking for unplugged or damaged wire

Checking & ensuring that there are no unplugged or damaged wires which may be initiating any problem or issue in the internet connection.

Using an Online connection

For the top probable speed consider with an Ethernet wire to directly using the internet rather than with a Wi-Fi Router. Directly connecting to the Modem with an Ethernet wire results in very fast speeds.

Avoiding using many devices simultaneously

If the bandwidth is comparatively low then you must not use numerous devices simultaneously. All the linked devices use few of the net speed so, keep away from using many devices simultaneously & even avoiding doing these activities that using lots of Internet speed at the same time, for example video calling, video streaming, online gaming,  or downloading big files.

Upgrading the router

If you have an out-of-date router then you must consider renewing the router. At times an old-fashioned router may be the reason of why you are having a sluggish internet connection.

How to Port in Present Number into Jio?

Porting the Number or Shifting the Number will take the present contact number from one supplier & take it to additional supplier of the choice. To tell this in straightforward terms, you are shifting your present phone number from one supplier to the other supplier of your preference.

Reliance Jio devises the maximum value to provide to its users & for this purpose, more & more customers from various suppliers wish to shift to a Jio connection of Reliance hence, they may get the top available offers.

Therefore, if you are a user who wishes to shift to the Jio network of Reliance without dropping your present number now you may perform so by porting-in the present number into Reliance Jio Network.

Porting in Present Number into Jio

  • For porting the present number into Jio network of Reliance, obey below steps:
  • From the present cell number, write SMS, PORT <ten-digit cell number> & sending it to 1900.
  • You will get an assenting SMS having the (Unique Porting Code) UPC accompanied by its expiration date.
  • Go to the nearby Jio Store of Reliance or Jio Retailer of Reliance. Ensure that you get the code UPC & the Aadhaar card original copy or Proof of Identity original (POI)/Proof of Address POA credentials with you.
  • After the porting-in route is done, you will know how to employ the Reliance Jio services whereas retaining your present cell number.

You must consider that

  • If you hold any unresolved charges over any post-paid plan by the present service supplier then you must clear those unresolved dues prior porting the number into Jio.
  • According to the rules of the GOI, porting-in inside the similar telecom circle can take around three operating days for the number to be make active & porting-in to more telecom circle will take around five working days for the number to be make active, however, the present services won’t be intermittent in the overruling period.
  • Every Port in appeals from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East users will take around fifteen working days to be managed & in the intervening time, the present services will not be disrupted in the superseding period.

Forgotten Jio Password & Way to Modify It

You require the Jio Password for all services linked to Jio without that you will be not capable to login into the MyJio app & control your account. You even won’t be capable of accessing additional Jio services & apps for instance JioTV, JioNet, JioCinema, JioSecurity, Jio4GVoice, JioNews, etc. Therefore, it is extremely vital that you know the Jio Password.

Suppose you forgot the Jio Password, you may alter & reset the Password effortlessly. After you alter & reset the Jio Password, you will know how to access all the apps & services of Jio once more.

There are 2 unusual ways by which you may alter the Jio Password if you have forgot it or lost it. One way includes the MyJio app whereas the other way is via the Jio site. Both such ways are revealed below & you may follow whichever to reset the Jio Password.

Reset Jio Password with the MyJio app

  • Downloading & installing the MyJio app if you haven’t. At this point, open the app MyJio.
  • Hit on ID Use Jio & then choose Forgot Password
  • Just write your Jio ID here. Write the Jio ID & hit on Submit.
  • If the Jio ID is authentic then you will get an OTP on the registered cell number or email ID.
  • Write the OTP in the specified area & hit on Submit.
  • Here, set the latest Password & re-enter it once more to confirm.
  • You have changed the Jio Password successfully.

Resetting Jio Password via Jio site

  • Go to the Jio site.
  • Go to the Forgot Password webpage on the Jio site.
  • Write the Jio ID, listed cell number or listed email ID & hit on Continue.
  • You will get an OTP on the listed cell number or email ID.
  • Write the OTP in the field given.
  • At once, write your latest Password & re-enter it again to confirm.
  • You have now altered the forgotten Jio Password successfully.

How to Verify your Jio Number?

If you try to renew your Jio Number for the foremost time however you might not identify your Jio Number. This occurs with many of us. There are essentially numerous ways by which you discover the Jio Number. We will consider all of the methods hence; you may choose the technique which you find the most appropriate.

Prior you desire finding out your Jio Number, ensure that your Jio SIM is started & working. It might be that you are requesting how I find my Jio Number & your sim isn’t started. Firstly, ensure that the SIM is started & then you may try any of such ways under to discover your Jio Number.

Method to find My Jio Number

1. With the My Jio App

You may discover your Jio Number with the My Jio App by obeying below steps:

  • From Google App Store or Play Store Download the My Jio App.
  • After installing, visit the My Jio App.
  • Login into the My Jio Account.
  • After you have logged in, you will find your listed number on the home screen of the app.

2. By Sending an SMS

Jio doesn’t have any exact code to discover your Jio Number still you may discover the number through sending an SMS; write MYPLAN & refer it to 199. You will receive an SMS through your Jio Number & even your plan details.

3. Call Customer Care

This is a fast & simple method to discover your Jio number is to call the Jio Client Care & request them for your number. Just call on 198 & request them to disclose you your number. They will verify by enquiring a few queries. After you disclose all the accurate details, they will disclose you the Jio number.

4. through a SMS to 199

This is alternative way by which you may discover your Jio Number. Sending an SMS to 199 as “Jio <IMEI>”. This is even an extremely fast & simple way by which you could promptly discover the particulars for your number. You may get an SMS after sending an SMS to 199 that shows you the Jio Number.

These are few of the ways by which you will discover the Jio Number. Bear in mind that the Jio cellular phone number is not similar as the Jio Sim Number. You may discover the Jio SIM Number by contacting the Jio Client Care.

Changing Login Username & Password of JioFi

The login username as well as passkey by default for maximum of the routers could be guessed easily by anybody & it is even available over the net. Anybody linked to your network will be capable of login inside your router & ruin the settings & even capable of accessing the info shared over the network.

A huge amount of household clients keep their default factory settings that make it very weak. Invaders may insert malware, retrieve your sensitive info by retrieving your internet & thus if you haven’t done this by now, then you must alter the Login User Name & Passkey for the JioFi Router instantly.

Change JioFi Login User Name & Password

  • To know how to alter JioFi Login Username & Password abide by below steps:
  • Switch on the JioFi gadget & link to the network.
  • Launch your web browser & head over to https://jiofi.local.html otherwise
  • A login homepage will emerge on the screen. Write the default name & password to login. For JioFi routers the default name is “administrator” & also the default password is “administrator”. (Case-sensitive)
  • Now you will be logged in. Next, visit User Management then Account Management.
  • Write a fresh username & password, now confirm it.
  • Press on Save.
  • Now the login username plus password will be modified.

Note: Your password is very sensitive info that must be such that it cannot be guessed easily. Weak password for instance 12345, password, password123, are extremely common & anything under eight characters may be cracked easily by a specialist. Below are few tips you require to know to build strong password.

  • Suggested length of password must be between characters 12-15.
  • Include numbers, characters, unique characters for instance #, @, $
  • Don’t put your age or something like that as it can be guessed easily.

Also it is suggested that you don’t use a particular password for all the websites you register on specially your internet banking website(s).  To keep everything properly managed use a password manager hence you don’t get into trouble finding dozens of password.

Change Network Name of JioFi (SSID)

The default name for maximum of the Wi-Fi networks is nearly the same for a particular company & individuals wish to alter the name of their network into the name of their own likings & choice.

For maximum of the networks & tools as well as those from JioFi, altering the Network Name (SSID) is truly easy-going & may do it in only a few seconds.

The reason why you must alter the SSID of the JioFi device is that after you alter the SSID, all the formerly linked devices won’t be capable of joining the network & this will stop anybody from joining your SSID automatically. Therefore, for security purpose you must alter the SSID of the JioFi Network.

How to alter Name of JioFi Network (SSID)

  • To alter the (SSID) name of the JioFi Network, abide by the steps below:
  • Switch on the JioFi Wi-Fi tool.
  • Link to the JioFi Network thru your computer.
  • Access a web browser & visit the default gateway address https://jiofi.local.html. On the other hand, you may even use to login into the Admin Panel of the JioFi tool. (JioFi Routers Default gateway address)
  • A login window will emerge requesting you to input the login name & password.
  • For JioFi routers the default username is “administrator” & the default password is even “administrator”. (Case-sensitive)
  • Now you will be logged in into the Admin Section in the JioFi Router.
  • Next, visit Network then Wi-Fi Configuration.
  • Changing the name of the Wi-Fi Networks by writing a recent name in the field given.
  • Hit on Save.
  • The (SSID) name of your network will now have been altered. Every single devices that were fixed to the last SSID will be disjointed as the recent SSID means a latest network, hence you will have reconnecting into the network from all the formerly linked devices.

As the SSID is noticeable to public you might wish to use any funny or cool Wi-Fi name to display, here’s some of my preferred:

  • The Internet
  • Drop it like it is a Hotspot
  • No LAN for the Corrupted
  • Wi-Fight While We Can Make Love
  • Last Night I Did Your Wi-Fi
  • Leave my LAN
  • Girls Gone Wireless
  • Surveillance Van
  • Winternet is coming
  • Lord of the Ping
  • The Force
  • Trust your God yet Protect Your Wi-Fi
  • That is What She SSID
  • Fear in the Cisco
  • Passkey is Password
  • Vladimir Routin
  • LAN Wu Tang

Changing JioFi Wi-Fi Password

The password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network by default is a random mixture of symbols, words, & digits united. But, that password is not uncomplicated to memorize & you have to hold that password saved somewhere so as to join to the network on latest devices.

In addition, if you have revealed your password to anybody then there is a possibility that others might also get to understand about it. As a result, you need to consider substituting the password of the JioFi Wi-Fi network.

Altering the JioFi Wi-Fi password is an uncomplicated task & later you have changed successfully your passkey, your network will be still safer & no one will know how to link to your network without understanding your passkey.

You should keep a Wi-Fi password between 8-32 characters & it should have digits, alphabets, & specific characters. While setting up a recent password, always keep a password which contains of digits, alphabets, & specific characters since such password cannot be easily guessed & your Wi-Fi network stays protected & secure.

How to Alter JioFi Wi-Fi password?

  1. To alter the password of the JioFi Wi-Fi network, abide the steps below:
  2. The foremost thing which you must perform is switch on the JioFi Wi-Fi device.
  3. Attach to your JioFi Wi-Fi Network thru your device.
  4. Access the web browser & into the URL box, write https://jiofi.local.html otherwise
  5. A login webpage will emerge. Entering the login name & password. The default name in JioFi routers remains “administrator” & the default password is again “administrator”.
  6. After you’re logged into, stay in Network then Wi-Fi Configuration then Secure key.
  7. Then, fix the recent password for the JioFi router & hit on Apply.
  8. The passkey for the JioFi password will be modified & all formerly linked devices will be separated from the JioFi Wi-Fi network. Now simply link to the Wi-Fi network once more with the recent password.

Also it is suggested to alter your password each 3-4 months & keep a track if your emails or passwords have been bargained in any info leakages with tools like Have I Been Pawned else Mozilla Firefox Monitor tool.

Don’t put the same password on all sites you register it is recommended that you use password managers to keep a record of all the websites & password appropriately.