About Call Forwarding Service

This is an extensively used phone feature that lets you forwarding or diverting incoming calls to some other number, that might be a cell number, voice mail, landline number, or desktop PC. Your phones may also be set for diverting incoming calls without the phone even ringing. in case there is the lack of network coverage then Call forwarding may even be set for diverting calls. This call forwarding feature depend on the carrier & network supplier, few network suppliers provide this feature without any surplus payments whereas others cost an extra charge.

This call forwarding feature is extremely handy & is used after you require few incoming calls get diverted to some other number. Individuals do not wish forwarding all the incoming calls, therefore call forwarding feature has various available options for instance after your line is engaged or if the network is weak. For this call forwarding feature, you should have an extra number where the incoming calls will be forwarded to.

Call Forwarding Options available

The various available options for call forwarding are

Continuously Forwarding : In this situation, every incoming call is sent to a listed number & after this option is facilitated then all the other choices are incapacitated.

If busy : In this situation, if you are on some other call now the incoming calls will get forwarded to a definite number.

If not answer : In this situation, if you opt not to reply an incoming call now it will be forwarded to the indicated number.

If unapproachable : If the phone is switched off, or airplane mode else there is network coverage is weak then the calls will get forwarded to the indicated number.

You may fix the call forwarding feature into your cell phone by way of the mobile settings. After you facilitate the call feature of forwarding, you will simply need configuring it & set up the number where the calls will be forwarded to & you are good to go.

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