The default gateway IP address is of various router brands for example D-Link, JioFi, TP-Link etc. It is used for accessing the router Admin Panel for gaining access to the router settings for instance WAN, LAN, MAC, WLAN, DNS, WPS block, DSL, ADSL, IP QoS, Proxy & Network Management settings & do alterations to these settings.

Way to login into

To login into, below these steps. Ensure that you are linked into the router & the by default IP address of the router is

  • Launch the web browser.
  • Into the URL bar, write else & pressing Enter.
  • A login webpage with the labelling of the router’s firm will emerge. You will be requested to write the login username & passkey to carry to the router Admin Panel.
  • Write the login name & passkey to carry on. If you haven’t altered the login IDs then write the default username & passkey to continue. You may discover the default username & passkey on the router box or in the handbook of the router or you may even hunt for it on the internet.
  • After you write the accurate login IDs i.e username & passkey, you will be logged into the Admin Panel of the router via You may perform the mandatory alterations into the settings from there.


If you are not capable to open the router admin panel through, you must:

  • Ensure that you are writing the right IP address into the address box. At times there might be keying errors because of which you are not capable of accessing the admin panel of Router.
  • Ensure that the gateway default address of the router is The IP address by default of your router might be excluding owing to that you are not capable of accessing the admin panel on the address provided.

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